Ladyfest Deep South 2011


Ladyfest Deep South April 15-17, 2011 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

In keeping with the legacy of Ladyfest South, Ladyfest Deep South is a non-profit, Southern-based festival that showcases, celebrates, and promotes the artistic, organizational, and political talents of the Deep South region in order to raise money for social service programs and non-governmental organizations that assist women and girls. Featuring talented artists from diverse backgrounds, Ladyfest Deep South includes live music, spoken word, and theatre performances, as well as visual art exhibits, films, workshops, and more. It is an empowering endeavor built upon a solid foundation of activism and education in an entertaining and fun venue.

All Proceeds of Ladyfest go to the Following Organizations

 *   Alabama Birth Coalition: The Alabama Birth Coalition is working for healthier births and healthier babies in the state of Alabama.  An all-volunteer, grassroots, non-profit organization, ABC hopes to achieve this goal through increased access to midwives and the empowerment of citizens across the state to make informed maternity care decisions based on access to available evidence and affordable services:

 *   Women’s Resource Center: The Women’s Resource Center at The University of Alabama maximizes the learning experience of every UA student and the greater UA community through outreach, services and advocacy to empower women and encourage their active and equal participation.  This mission is based upon values that support the broader goals of the institution and that foster a climate that is inclusive of women:

 *   Music Maker: Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc. helps the true pioneers and forgotten heroes of Southern music gain recognition and meet their day to day needs. They present these musical traditions to the world so American culture will flourish and be preserved for future generations.  Criterion for recipients includes the following: That they be rooted in a Southern musical tradition, be 55 years or older, and have an annual income less than $18,000.  Their programs include: Musician Sustenance (grants to meet basic life needs and emergency relief), Musical Development (grants and services for recipient artist professional development and career advancement), and Cultural Access (support for the preservation and proliferation of American musical traditions).  Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc. receives all of its funding from private and corporate donations. Purchases and contributions to Music Maker directly support traditional musicians in their efforts to keep playing, performing and recording:

 *   Books to Prisons Project, Alabama: This organization is a local chapter of the D.C. Area Books to Prisons Project, which has maintained regular mailings of free books to inmates since 1999.  The Tuscaloosa chapter was formed in January 2008 and has mailed over 600 packages of books to inmates. Their intent is to facilitate and support the education of people behind bars. All books are donated, all staff is supplied on a volunteer basis, and their only monetary need is for postage fees.  ($2.69 can mail 4-5 books to an inmate.)  Ladyfest Deep South will provide a table and book drop for this organization, as well as donate any available monetary proceeds.