Ladyfest Deep South 2011


Ladyfest Deep South April 15-17, 2011 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

In keeping with the legacy of Ladyfest South, Ladyfest Deep South is a non-profit, Southern-based festival that showcases, celebrates, and promotes the artistic, organizational, and political talents of the Deep South region in order to raise money for social service programs and non-governmental organizations that assist women and girls. Featuring talented artists from diverse backgrounds, Ladyfest Deep South includes live music, spoken word, and theatre performances, as well as visual art exhibits, films, workshops, and more. It is an empowering endeavor built upon a solid foundation of activism and education in an entertaining and fun venue.

Ladyfest Deep South 2011 Mission Statement

Ladyfest Deep South is a non-profit festival of feminist art and activism. This festival is a collaborative effort forged between University of Alabama students, faculty, and staff organizers and volunteers and the surrounding community of regional musicians and other artists, activists, do-it-yourself crafters, merchants, and growers. The festival is intended to bring attention to the richness of regional culture and the collaborative possibilities that exist between the university and the City of Tuscaloosa. This open, creative, and diverse art and music festival will generate support for local merchants, artists, performers, and relief organizations, as well as bring attention to the newly revitalized historic downtown district.

Our mission is to provide a forum in which members of the community can learn about, celebrate, and encourage the artistic and organizational talents of those in the region who may or may not be recognized in the dominant cultural landscape. This participatory festival features performances by musicians, visual artists, writers, performance artists, crafters, filmmakers, as well as youth programs and a multitude of workshops. Ladyfest Deep South proceeds will be donated to organizations that support the welfare of women and girls and promote local art/craft/DIY culture, organic farming, and meaningful activism—with an emphasis on supporting underserved or underrepresented groups.

Graduate Student Co- Founders of Ladyest Deep South 2011: Lyndsey Adkins & Maigen Sullivan

University Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jennifer Purvis, Director of Women’s Studies, Department of Gender and Race Studies, The University of Alabama, College of Arts and Sciences

Community Liaison and Advisory Board Member: Ann Powers, Rock Critic and Music Writer for the L. A.

Ladyfest: A festival of arts and activism, where bands, artists, and attendees discuss political issues, trade or sell feminist arts and crafts, attend performances, and work on political and artistic organizing.

Ladyfest, a festival of music, art, literature, and activism (with something for feminists of all ages), promotes feminist empowerment through cultural and artistic performances, skill-building workshops, networking opportunities, and organizing events. Ladyfest takes place in different parts of the country and in other countries each year and is organized locally.