Ladyfest Deep South 2011


Ladyfest Deep South April 15-17, 2011 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

In keeping with the legacy of Ladyfest South, Ladyfest Deep South is a non-profit, Southern-based festival that showcases, celebrates, and promotes the artistic, organizational, and political talents of the Deep South region in order to raise money for social service programs and non-governmental organizations that assist women and girls. Featuring talented artists from diverse backgrounds, Ladyfest Deep South includes live music, spoken word, and theatre performances, as well as visual art exhibits, films, workshops, and more. It is an empowering endeavor built upon a solid foundation of activism and education in an entertaining and fun venue.

Remember 4/27/11 - Please don't forget about the 300+ people DEAD in Alabama alone and even more people unnaccounted for...


I realize that everyone will have different reactions to the death of Osama bin Laden. To some, it brings you peace and happiness and I rejoice for you. For others, we are currently surrounded by death and destruction and it’s hard to celebrate the death of one individual when we so desperately need help. I am happy for America and the world that an evil person is gone from this Earth. But we in Alabama and other states (MS, GA) who’ve been DEVASTATED by a natural disaster have quickly been forgotten. There are no links or coverage on major home page websites. Newspapers and TV outlets are focused on one man. Don’t let the evilness that was Osama bin Laden take away from what’s important. We cannot spend all of our time on him, when there are people here dying, missing, and have lost everything. I beg of you to continue to spread the world about this disaster. If you don’t understand its magnitude, look at pictures. Look at numbers. This disaster has been rated on the same level as Katrina. Does that put it in perspective for you? Help us.

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